Hello world!

Hello I’m Princess Cupcake. This is my first time blogging. Today I will be writing about Corner Bakery.

corner bakeryLast Thursday, I woke up then I got ready then went to the car and went to Corner Bakery. When we first got there, we sat down. Then the chef came and told us how to bake and make pickle jalapeƱos and flatbreads. And we drawed for a grill.

Here’s the story that we don’t have a grill. Since we moved into our new house in October, we didn’t have a grill. So Daddy took a frying pan and propane thing and grilled. So we have our first grill for our new house for Father’s Day.

And we tasted the flatbread. And I liked them. They were de-licious. And they even gave me a package to go.

Then I went to one lunch meeting with mama. Then I went to swim lessons. Then we went home and I went to get ready for bed, brushed my teeth and brushed my hair and went to sleep.


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