The Day at the Office with Daddy

Today was Monday and I woke up and went downstairs. And whenever I got there, Mama said, “how about you go to work with Daddy?” And Daddy said, “yes.” And this is where the story begins.

So we went to Daddy’s car and went to work. Downtown Dallas is where he works.

When we first got there, I played putt with golf. Then 5 minutes later, we went to brunch. I had pancakes with bacon with two friends and Daddy and me. And then we went back to work. And for parking, we went underground.

So Daddy worked.

daddy at the office

I played golf again. Then Daddy said, how about you work on your homework. And I did. And Daddy told me he had a call in the conference room so I got to stay in there for 30 minutes. Then I worked on my homework again and played on my phone. Before Daddy got back, I took a selfie of myself.

selfie at the office

Then I played golf. Then I played with a slinky. Then a few hours later, Daddy worked on emails and Daddy said “It’s time to go home. Pack up.” Then we got slushies from Sonic. I got blue rasp jolly rancher cream slush. Daddy got a orange cream slush. We got mama a lime orange cream slush.

City Hall had a HUGE yard and Daddy had a great view of the whole Dallas area.

Then we came home and wrote about my blog.


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